I’m in a large sunny pavilion going in and out of open doorways around the edge of the pavilion.  One minute I’m on a beautiful hill with mountains in the back.  Next, I’m in a forest with deer people.  I keep calling them aardvark people in my head but know that’s not right.  I have a hard time finding the word antelope in the dream.  I understand that these creatures have half antelope DNA, half human DNA.  They don’t seem like an immediate threat but they are giving me the dirty eye and I can tell I’m not wanted. 

I see a human figure made of black ropes heading straight towards me.  I know it’s called an Olah (dream knowledge).  It looks like it should be an enemy but it gives me a feeling of friendship and I’m relieved to see him among the antelope people. 

Some one behind me throws a two foot pointed stick (like a short pool cue) into the Olah’s head.  I’m concerned because I know wood can kill an Olah.  The stick melds into the Olah’s head and he retreats.  I’m relieved that he seems to be okay.  The antelope people also retreat in the back ground. 

After going to a couple of benign scenes, I end up in mid torso water.  The Olah comes towards me again.  Again, I’m happy to see him. This time creatures in the water behind me throw multiple sticks into the Olah.  His body starts to collapse into its self as its absorbing the wooden sticks.  He is able to retreat but is severely injured.  Before I’m able to back out of the door, creatures underwater start trying to skewer me with wooden sticks.

When I’m out of the door, a lady in dark navy blue skirt suit powerwalks towards me in the pavilion.  She tells me I have to warn every one of the Olah and the alligator people.   I’m confused because, 1. How did she know about the Olah,  2. I haven’t seen any alligator people, 3. I like the Olah so why would I warn anyone. 

The next room I go into has a picnic with several people and baby goats.  I think about warning them but don’t understand why I should.   I do wonder about having baby goats running around with food.

Another room I’m working with coworkers but outside.  I don’t stay anything about the previous rooms there either or the warning from the lady.  All the other rooms for the dream are benign.  I begin to think the rooms are like opening emails.