By – Cherise Sinclair

Fiction, romance, fantasy, suspense

Series – The Wild Hunt Legacy

Expectations – Was looking for something HOT, Steamy, Smexy, even a little trashy.   Found this author in some lists in good reads.  A lot of it was BDSM and I wasn’t in the mood for that. BUT SHIFTERS… SCORE. 

This book delivered.  These shifters are derived from the Fae and have a few different rules then you usually see.  One big thing is that the males outnumber the women and don’t mind sharing.  There is a build up to the sharing though and is well paced. 

The female lead is an ex-marine tough girl.  The book does a good job of keeping her tough yet softening her with the two leading males and daughter.

All three leads are well balanced and consenting adults.  There is magic that increases the attraction.  There is magic that protects women.  Makes for a good fantasy. 

Winter of the Wolf 

By Cherise Sinclair

Fantasy, fiction, romance, suspense

Series – The Wild Hunt Legacy

Expectations- Enjoyed the first book so I immediately started second book.

Unfortunately this is why I shy away from BDSM books.  I can never truly be happy for most of the couples.  I feel like the bedroom practices are just a crutch for bigger problems.  The problems are in no way dealt with.  It’s a coping method with a high probability of abuse.    

Mature Audiences Only

The leading lady watched her best friend killed and is raped a week before meeting the leading males.  In this book (even though it’s the same world) the magic does not protect the woman from harm from males.  Yes the male equipment doesn’t work without attraction but the traumatized female lead is quickly put through more physical abuse.  The “fix” for this is two men. 

The female lead is of course not ready for touch so there is a phase of… oh this touch is okay right… how about this touch.   While I understand what the author is trying to do all I can think of is icky relatives asking for kisses. I do my best to not let those thoughts intrude because I assume that is a ME issue and not a problem with the book.    

Also the leading lady wants to stay with a pack that has abused her.  Not good.  Frustrating to watch. 

The book is 90% done when spanking is done for punishment sake.  This automatically puts the female lead in a lesser position in the relationship.  It’s not healthy.  It is under the guise of oh you will feel better and your guilt will be released.  I call bullshit.  If she feels guilty then it can be dealt with by talking and understanding.  Using spanking for therapy/punishment and then immediately coupling afterwards, (also for punishment) is over the line for me.

I have read these types of scenes before.  It’s always confusing because it’s written like this is a good thing.  I think it’s dangerous for the emotional vulnerable to read.  These aren’t healthy relationships. 

These books also excel at describing physical pleasure.  It could make the vulnerable believe that these types of behaviors are needed to achieve these sensations.  That just isn’t true.

The leading lady needs time to work through her trauma without being pressured into a relationship.  The characters are not well developed and the boys have their own issues they need to deal with.  They all need to work on themselves before getting into a relationship.    

In a fantasy world, major things can be glossed over or fixed with magic or what not.  However, these issues can’t be wished away with magic. 

Off Topic – I started two more books from this author, Eventide of the Bear and What You See.  I was curious because of liking the first book and then turning around and hating the second.  I didn’t finish either one.  After reading half of What You See and skimming though Eventide of the Bear, I’m leaning towards the first book as being a fluke.