Do you ever mix up your dreams with reality?  Earlier today, I was in the drive through picking up dinner. I gave my credit card to pay for the meal when I remembered that I had given my driver’s license to someone and I needed to get it back.  So I’m trying to remember… I gave it to get into camp to pick up my son and they held my license.  I thought that was weird but made a mental note to make sure I get it when leaving. I realize that’s not real (he was at camp this week but got a ride home).  This was from a dream last night.  Even knowing that it was from a dream I checked to make sure I had my license. 

I had a few dreams about camp this week but none really interesting.  I also had a dream of reading to a girl toddler.  It’s interesting because I could clearly see the words.  It was an oversized picture book with only a few words per page.  I was reading the words to the toddler but did not understand them.  The toddler was interested in the book so I kept going.  I thought the picture book was boring and wanted a simpler fun book to read.  I was thinking… This kid is smarter than me.

Okay time for the Snake/Cat dream,

My husband, son and I are all in the kitchen.  My daughter walks out of the bathroom.  She doesn’t look at any of us.  She just says on her way through the kitchen, “There is a snake in the toilet.”   No one reacts so after a moment I go to check it out.  I’m thinking maybe I can flush it (dream logic).  I walk into the bathroom. The lid is down on the toilet. 

The snake’s head pushes up the lid and I can see it takes up the whole bowl.  It’s green in color and it has a small head.  I walk out.  On my way through the kitchen I tell the boys, “You deal with it.”   

Next time I come into the kitchen the snake has his head in a bag of flour.  I say, “Why are you feeding it my flour?”  The snake takes his head out of the flour.  His bottom half is curled on the floor with his top half standing up in the air.  My son is moving his finger in front of it and the snake’s head is following. 

I’m not really comfortable with this but I also don’t have a fear that my son is in immediate danger.  I turn around to put the flour up.  When I turn back around the snake is gone and it’s a large white house cat.  It is laying on its side, head up and looking around. It has a large lion mane (also white) around its head.  The mane is matted and needs to be cared for.  I’m thinking okay I see that it’s a cat and it needs some care BUT…. It’s also a snake!  I do not want to keep that thing. 

My son seems comfortable around the cat so I’m not panicking but it is taking some effort.