By Suzanne Park

Fiction, romance, literature, humor (fiction)

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

Narrator Greta Jung

Expectations – The blurb includes a video game company, romance and strippers.  So yes, of course, I borrowed this book from the library.  I thought the reviews on the blurb were a little questionable, so I wasn’t sure how this one would go.

Well, I only made it 30 percent through the book.  However, I do have definite opinions to share.  I get that people and events are embellished for humor, but this is too much.  She has her mother, that only yells and criticizes.  While that may be funny, there needs to be a counterbalance with good things from her mother and father.  There is a reason they are still in each other’s lives. 

The same goes for the sexism and good-ol boys in the office.  Perhaps one or even a few of these overly privileged out of touch males can be found at the office.  BUT…. She keeps introducing more and more of these sexist characters.  They have no redeeming attributes.  The female leads response is to yell and be bitter.  Not a likeable characteristic. 

The overly sexist office environment is annoying in any company but this is a video game company. There are no believable video game players, nerds, or geeks in the first 30 percent of this book.  This is my biggest disappointed.  Also, there hasn’t been any video game details.  I want more strippers and video game development.

I hope there is better stuff coming in the rest of the book but I’m not finishing this at this time.