I’ve had at least three dreams this week with me running away.  They got less scary as the week went on, thank goodness.  I was hoping I would have better dreams to describe because these don’t paint me in the best light.  Unfortunately, nothing else was really interesting. 

  1. It’s me and two other people are standing outside of a pickup truck.  We are in a clearing on top of a snow covered hill.  A group of skeleton people come out of the woods.  These skeleton people have substance and aren’t just bones.  They are grey bodies and bones.  When I see them come for us.  I run past the other two people and head for the truck cap.  The other two people stand their ground to fight.  I try to start the car but one of the skeletons is breaking through the passenger side window. 
  2. I’m at a table in what I think is an empty room.  Then I hear men talking behind me.  There is a brief argument then some zap sounds and some thuds.  I gradually slide under the table.  I hear some moans and someone say, “Oh, you are still alive.” ZAP!  I clearly see a man with a bag slung off his shoulders walk by.  I only briefly think that I should check on the dead. Instead I opt to run and pretend I was never there.    
  3. It’s me and a friend from high school running away from bad guys.  She knows the way to escape and shows me.  We grab a plank of wood before running into a basement.  She leads us to the right pile of junk.  The plank slides on top of the junk and is then a step to get back to the surface.  On the surface we are under some stairs.  We have to time running out from under the stairs so the bad guys don’t see us.  We run to the top of the stairs where there is a swimming pool.  My friend goes to the side of the pool where she launches herself feet first in a hole.  I assume it’s some sort of slide.  I take a deep breath and follow.  It is a slide but there is no air only water. I make it till splash down holding my breath but take a big gulp of breath while I’m still under water and swimming to the surface.  It’s fine though because it’s a dream and I can breathe under water.  When I surface I’m back at the beginning but this time I’m leading two girls (probably in their early twenties) to safety.   

I have to say I’m glad that I’m finally doing something helpful in these dreams.  Even if it is just helping others run away.