Seanan McGuire

Fiction, fantasy, mythology

Audiobook 5 hours (approx.)

Series – Wayward Children


Expectations- This author comes up quite a bit when I’m looking for recommendations on urban fiction.  I have tried her InCryptid series and just couldn’t get into it.  This audiobook is only 5 hours so I thought I would give her another chance.

I really enjoyed this book.  It’s world building.  Not hard to understand.  It’s a different take on children wandering into fairy land.  It covers quite a bit of ground in 5 hours and feels complete.  

There are seven books in the series and more to come.  When I discovered that, I was excited and hoped to continue the series.  However, I haven’t made it far into the second book and don’t see me finishing it right now. 

I was looking for new children and new story lines. Not to go into greater detail on a couple of characters from the first story.