Normal dream quality.  Not a complete story just random scenes from last night.

I’m sleeping on the floor, I start to get up and see my children both aged around three (They are more than 2 years apart in age in real life aged 15 and 12).  They are laying facing each other giggling.  I smile and I see that they are planning on tickling the feet of themselves, both of them aged around 8.  I start looking around and understand that there are more of them.  All the children seem happy and healthy.  I understand that they are clone children.  I start to worry about how I’m going to get identification for them all so we can travel and they can go to school. 

I’m in a small room of grey stone.  There are people dressed like they are into sorcery.  The head lady tells me that it’s time to banish me.  I’m not afraid only curious.  I walk to a stone table with a bowl of what looks like wine in it.  I reach to put my fingers in the wine while I wonder if this lady is an ancient god from myth. 

I’m in a field with a sharp drop off into a crevice about 5 feet across.  There is a wooden slab over the crevice with about 5 middle school boys riding on four wheelers across it.  I hear adults warning the boys that the crevice is active.  I realize that was where I just came from with the questionable people. 

I’m walking and I see a little fenced in area with around 10 ponies and a group of children around 5 years old.  The ponies are being tolerant and kind to the children.  I’m watching them across the street when a pony comes and sniffs my neck and stays there.  His lips and teeth touching me but not biting.  I remember that these are the mean ponies.  Finally the pony walks away.  I walk a little further and realize that we are feet away from a beautiful beach and ocean.  I can’t enjoy it with the mean ponies around and head back. 

My family and I have just moved into an apartment.  I can’t figure out why we have moved and start getting upset.  Before waking up I find we have a working ice maker.  I think, well at least we have ice.