By – Mira Lyn Kelly

Fiction, romance

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Seraphine Valentine, Tad Bradson

Series – Wedding Date

Expectations- I’ve been enjoying this author and this book was available in both audio and ebook.

First off, being a 20 something professional with lots of friends getting married seems exhausting.  This book is a little longer than it needs to be and has too many side characters.  The male lead isn’t someone I would find attractive but there isn’t anything particularly wrong with him.  He just isn’t to my taste. 

The romance is however pretty solid.  The lead couple has a past history so there are feelings already in play at the beginning of the story.  The past should have been explored better in my opinion yet we get the jest of what happened. 

Things get steamy, but the leading female knows not to trust the leading male.  She makes it clear she doesn’t want a relationship with him.   


The male realizes that he needs to become friends to make a relationship work and makes that happen.  The female puts down her guard and falls for him.  Now the heartbreaking part.  He never really trusted her and still has his walls up. 

For some reason this betrayal seemed especially harsh to me.  The female lead immediately recognizes his toxic actions and calls the relationship off.  THANK YOU FOR SMART FEMALES!

The male lead eventually realizes what he was doing, makes some grand gestures, and puts in the work to become friends again.  Voila, happily ever after. 

This is not the first time I’ve seen this sort of pattern in this author’s books.  She builds a relationship and trust, then BAM something quick and decisive happens to break the couple apart for a time.  I don’t really like the shock of these events. 

I’m going to rate this book as 4 stars because I do think the author does a great job in creating characters and their relationships.  However, I’m going to take a break from reading her for now.