By Sarina Bowen

Fiction, romance, suspense

Expectations – I’ve read this author before.  The blurb says being a professional hockey player is a slacker.  Sounds interesting to me. 

There are lots of great things in this book, hockey, vacation, billionaires, Security Company, Tech Company, and danger.  The leading lady is also pregnant and I have been looking for good romances for a pregnant sister.  However, all those great pieces didn’t really fit together nicely.  Even so the book kept me interested and was paced well. 

This book did have romance in the third trimester of pregnancy which I didn’t find in the previous books with pregnant leads.  Positioning for the third trimester bedroom times was briefly mentioned.  Which haven’t seen much of.    

Unfortunately, I don’t actually believe this couple is a match at this time in their lives.  Both leading male and female are in times of transition and they didn’t really connect enough on an emotional level to make it work. After all, they really only had a few days together in Hawaii and a month together as children. 

I also felt like the leading lady never really let the leading male in or soften for him.

I did shed some tears at the end of the book but it had nothing to do with the romance or pregnancy and everything to do with hockey.  I am interested in the leading male’s brother Max’s story.  I didn’t find a book for him but I did put the next book in the series on hold at the library.