By Emily Larkin

Fiction, romance, historical fiction

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

Narrator Rosalyn Landor

Series – Garland Cousins #1

Expectations – Found this in a librarian recommended books list.  Thought I would give hockey and pregnancy books a break.

There is potential here but I feel like this is better for readers old enough to read bedroom scenes but with very little actual life experience.  There is something childlike in the characters.   Neither lead make a believable almost 30 year old.  They would be better aged around 18 or 19.

There is a magical component in the book that can just be skipped.  It doesn’t add any value to the story and just leaves more plot holes. 

There is a mystery to solve but there is no actual mystery solving.  Like NONE.  Just playing bait.  Again, these are supposed to be grown adults and this seems more in line with children’s reasoning. 

The lead couple has some shared history that I guess is supposed to carry the romance.  I didn’t really feel much chemistry.  There is a lot of flirting with alliteration and some childish name calling.  While I can be a little nerdy, this type of nerdy doesn’t do anything for me. 

The male lead was the hardest for me to connect with.  He is supposed to have been in the military for 8 years, yet nothing in his actions or personality reflect that. 

After all that, why in the world do I feel like there is potential here?  I’m not really sure, maybe the side characters.  I found myself interested in the brother’s story and cousin’s story.  However, I don’t think I will follow up with another book from this author at this time.