This dream was just normal dream quality but is kind of interesting.

It’s just me and the kids in my Grandparent’s house.  Now these Grandparents past before I had children and the house was sold so they haven’t actually been there.  We walk around the house and it’s exactly the same as I remember it.  I sit on the couch and just suddenly become extremely sleepy. I fall to the side to sleep.

There is a large white cat that is sleeping were my head will land.  I have never seen this cat before.  I think, “Where is Poopsie?” (my Grandparents cat) and “I hope this cat doesn’t bite.”  The cat moves its head, licks its teeth, and I think it might bite.  It doesn’t and then I’m in a new dream.

This dream is also the kids and me and we are sitting in a little patch of grass in a foreign country waiting for an event to start. 

A tall guy with a dark coat and hat walks through the middle of our area.  He doesn’t look at as he walks through but I hear him say in a Russian accent, “Do you know what thistle is?”  He drops some tools down as he says this.

We aren’t doing anything so the kids and I grab a set of tools and follow him.   Only after we leave our little patch of grass it becomes apparent that everything is just white rafts over water.  We lose our Russian guy and its becoming harder to manage walking on the rafts.

When I find him, his back is towards us and I can hear him talking about the Americans.  I figure the thistle thing isn’t really a thing and we head back to our patch of grass.

When we get there a flying purple disk hovers over us to check us out.  I notice there are straps on top of the disk that are used to strap down feet.  It fly’s away and I wake up. 

Kiss of happiness

We recently went to Germany for vacation.  I only had one dream that is worth mentioning and that is only because of the strong feelings within the dream. 

It’s an outside gathering and I’m watching a guy and a girl.  I know the guy is promised to be mine and I’m promised to be his.  However, he is a stranger to me.  I also know that this girl knows him a lot better than I do and they talk like they are good friends.  I am jealous.

At the end of the event he comes up to me, say’s “Hi.”  I say, “Hi.”  He stands close and I have to look up to see him.  He takes my hands then leans down and gives me a soft kiss on the lips.  Our hands are holding and out to the side.  So it’s just those three points of contact.  The kiss fills me with warmth, comfort and happiness.