Just got back from visiting family in Germany. Going to post some notes for future trips and other family members planning the trip. I’ll start with the flights.

American Airlines

  • The plane from Charlotte to Munich and Munich to Charlotte was the smallest most cramped seats of any plane I’ve ever been on.
    • Had pillows and blankets in every seat for both night flight (there) and day flight (return).  They were more a hindrance because the lack of space.
    • One blanket had stiff spots on it like something had been spilled on it, cleanliness was questionable.
    • Two meals both flights.
    • Inflight movies were good but froze up quite a bit.
    • Provided ear buds if need them for the inflight entertainment. They were poor quality so try to pack your own.
    • Head rest sides are able to fold forward, that helps with attempting to sleep.
  • Munich airport – We watched them move all the American Airline check in staff except one to the priority check-ins.  That was a much smaller group that in no way needed 4 staff members checking them in.  It felt like they were purposely making sure you missed your flight unless you were priority. 
  • The flight was delayed because at least a dozen passengers luggage made it on the plane without the passengers.  We were told that, because it’s an international flight they had to wait for the passengers or remove the luggage.  This was the only thing that kept these passengers from missing their flights.  It was totally preventable and I place the blame on the check in staff.  However, it did take another half hour to make it through security and 10 minutes through boarder control, so that didn’t help matters.   
  • I suggest being at the Munich airport at a minimum of 3 hours before your flight regardless of airline.  We got caught in the check in line for Lufthansa 3 years ago and cut it close.  Not as close as this time though.   
  • Multiple flights really pushed the American Airlines rewards credit cards.  The sales pitch was uncomfortable and we were a trapped audience. 


  • Charlotte was a great airport for a layover.  Was well organized for going through customs for the return flight.
  • Don’t waste your money or precious space on one of the memory foam travel pillows at the airport shops.  They look nice but are too bulky for behind your head.