Pregnant by the Playboy

By – Jackie Lau

Fiction, romance, humor (fiction)

Series – Fong Brothers

Expectations- Put this on my library shelf when looking for pregnancy romances.  When I opened the app I notice there are 3 people waiting to read the book.  Hum… I wonder if they know something I don’t and begin reading. 

OKAY…. I have questions.  There were some unexpected details.  I’m not sure if it’s a Canadian, Asian, wealthy, this author or even a millennial thing.  More research needs to be done here.

First let’s talk about if this is a good romance for a third trimester pregnant lady (my sister who requested good pregnancy romances).  The pregnancy story line ends in the second trimester so it’s not perfect for the third trimester but I think it would still be enjoyable. 

There are lots of adorable moments between the leading male and his 3 month old niece.  I think those are great details for a pregnant lady to look forward to.  He is the Uncle so he gets the fun parts, it works well. 

The leading male does little sweet things for the pregnant leading female.  I think it’s good to glamorize the little things that a pregnant lady’s support team does.  It can help to appreciate these moments more. 

The book does go all in on food and food cravings.  Its a little excessive but is still entertaining to read. 

Both the leads kind of abruptly decide, yup I’m in love.  Not at the same time though.  It’s a little jarring and feels like cheating.  Even so, I picked up the book and had a hard time putting it down.  So it’s a recommend. 

As for the unexpected… There is a casualness in this book about hooking up in public, multiple partners at the same time and a fluidness of hooking up with boys and girls.  These things weren’t presented like they are out of the norm or kinky.  Abortion was also casually mentioned. 

This is my first experience with this author, Asian and Canadian romances.  I’m not sure where to attribute the unexpected details.  I have new things to explore.