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Big Stick

By – Kelly Jameson

Fiction, romance, literature

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Kelly Jamieson

Series – Aces Hockey

Expectations – Been having some luck with the hockey romances so revisited the rinks and romances books from the library website.  Found this one, and let’s face it… its titled Big Stick.  The blurb didn’t sound horrible so here we are. 

Another Hockey for the win!  This couple treated their relationship like grown-ups.  This was so refreshing.  The leading lady is a single mother. Of course, you have to worry about what the relationship will mean for the child. 

When it came time to discuss this issue the male lead grabs a beer sits down and they discuss things like adults.  No games, no weirdness.  Later on when problems arise in the relationship they again communicate, are respectful and listen to each other.  Sigh, I’m in love. 

I do have one problem.  The leading lady is too perfect.  I just can’t picture her.  I have never met or known anyone quite like her.  She is the co-owner of a business, chose to have a child by sperm donor, has very little insecurities, is outgoing, friendly and never gets prickly or mad. 

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