Life’s too Short

Abby Jimenez

Fiction, romance, literature

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)

Narrator Christine Lakin, Zachary Webber

Series- The Friend Zone

Expectations – Looking for a light romance. This book and audiobook was available from the library.

Starts out strong, with a good initial meeting.  Learned some about ALS and YouTubers.  The life choices of someone knowing they may come down with a hereditary disease is interesting.  

Do you fight to extend your life or do you enjoy what you have left?  It is a little heavier than what I was looking for. Even with the seriousness of the leading ladies health, everything still looks and reads like it’s supposed to be a lighter romantic book.   

The male lead starts off like a he’s a catch.  He is an attorney, owns the building, single and good with babies. 

He is good with babies even though he has NEVER held one before. 

The improbability of this guy just keeps growing and growing. 

The male lead goes so far as to have internal dialogue about enjoying this sort of family dynamic that they have fallen into.  They aren’t a couple at this point only neighbors. I have to roll my eyes.   

I remind myself that this is a romance novel and this male character was written for it.    This guy’s good characteristics keep growing until….

We get to the hospital for the leading ladies sister (baby mama).  The male lead makes in my opinion unfair assumptions about health care professionals and throws his lawyer weight around. 

The blanket assumption that all health care professionals are not giving good care because the patient is a criminal and/or a drug abuser offends me deeply.  Not to mention the male lead (lawyer) is telling the health care providers how to do their job. 

Bullying health care professionals is not romantic.  I could not enjoy the book after this scene.  I took a break, tried again.  Couldn’t let it go.  Ended up skipping to the epilogue to see if there actually was a happily ever after. 

I am still mad about the assumptions.  I won’t read any more of the series or this author.  Yes, I am throwing out the baby with the bathwater on this one.  The author hit a trigger for me and I won’t risk running into it again.

Off topic – If you know a health care provider they need kindness.