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The Recovery Agent

By Janet Evanovich

fiction, mystery, thriller, humor (fiction)

Series – Gabriela Rose

Hard cover book

Expectations- I’ve read a lot of Janet Evanovich in the past. She is known for her quick fun reads.

This isn’t her best work. It’s an adventure book, that with very little changes would be better for elementary school kids. Personally I would love to see more romance.

In some of her other series there are several challenges going on at one time. Some are silly and some are more serious. They are layered back and forth through out the book. It makes for a fun fast read.

This story wasn’t layered. This story had more of – A problem being introduced, that problem being solved, here is a new problem, and so on.

There was plenty of action. New problems were introduced and dealt with quickly. Yet, I found myself losing interest.

There is humor in the book. I wouldn’t mind listening to the audiobook version to see what a voice actor can do with the material.

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