By – Nalini Singh

Fiction, romance, literature

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

Narrator Justine O. Keef

Series- Hard Play

Expectations – This author has several of my favorite books that I reread.  However, it’s usually just a couple of books from a series. The rest of the series tends to be just okay.  This couple is one I have seen before in different books.  I haven’t read their story yet.

I really like both Sailor and Isa.  Sailor is an attractive landscaper. He is confident, protective, caring and has ambition.  My problem is that he is 23 and not established yet in his business.  This isn’t the best time for him to be settling down. 

To make things even worse, Isa is a corporate VP.  She is at least 4 years older than him.   I know we read these books where love conquers all but I can’t bring myself to enjoy the story knowing how unlikely this pairing is for a long term relationship. 

In my opinion an important part in a successful relationship is finding someone at a similar place in their life with similar goals.

In the last hour of the book there are changes that make the pairing more likely and a happily ever after possible.  It’s too late for me though.  I spent a good chunk of the book focused on how unlikely a successful long term relationship is at this point in their lives. 

To enjoy this story and both of these likable characters you are going to have to overlook that they are in different places in their lives.  There are several sweet moments in the book that I just couldn’t let that knowledge go and fully enjoy.

Off Topic – Isa’s best friend’s story includes an arranged marriage theme.  I have read her story in the past and sometimes think of it.  I liked learning more on arranged marriages. 

Also Off Topic – Does knowing I’m going to write a review prevent me from overlooking things I would have normally?