Had a busy night in my dreams last night. These are the parts I think are the most interesting. Sorry it’s long.

We are at a boat ramp to a lake that looks like it is having a dry spell.  At the top of the ramp is a large metal permanent rectangle bar.  It’s painted in bright red.  It reads BOATS and then has a phone number. The phone number has been painted red like the rest of the bar.  It shows up raised underneath the paint.  This scene is very crisp and detailed. 

There is a newer looking dock to the side of the ramp with a large flat bottom boat half-hazardly laying on it.  A long skinny old row boat is on the shore.  I’ve seen this set up recently in my dreams. However, the phone number was still in white, the flat bottom boat wasn’t there and there was no action.

This time there is on old man sitting on the bank.  I ask the man, “What are you doing here?”  I explain that, I just saw him last night and it isn’t his shift.  Even though I’m saying these things, I’m just now learning them as its being played out.

The man takes off his sunglasses and hands them to me.  I put them on and a scene of a black kraken coming out of the lake and throwing the flat bottom boat around plays over top of the scene.  I give the sunglasses back and head to the parking lot. 

There is now a command center and they are busy making phone calls.  I don’t understand why it’s important now and not closer to when the kraken was present.  There is a flash of an image of a sea bed breaking.  I’m not worried there are competent people addressing the issue and I have places to be.   

There are shenanigans on the way to my next destination. I will skip these for now because this is long. 

I arrive to a different area of the lake where I’m competing for a place on the dance team.  I stop by a friend of mine to wish her luck (she’s not a friend in real life but she does look like someone I’ve seen on reality TV).  Everyone is taking their places. 

A male friend of mine (never seen him in real life but is detailed enough in the dream that I could recognize him in real life) has gotten in front of the crowd and is yelling for me.  He is clearly upset I’m not in my place yet.

I wave my arms and head to my spot in the crowd.  He makes a joke about not being able to keep track of me.  I feel my face and chest get hot. I keep my head looking down, to hide my blush.  I didn’t realized he cared about me.  Makes me feel all warm inside. 

He then starts his try out routine.  I realize that even though I practiced all day and night long that I didn’t practice with the music.  The first 8 counts slow down and need to hit specific words in the song.  I also realize that he has added flare to the routine.  I’m getting concerned about my chances of making the team. I remember that I don’t want to be on a dance team and wake up. 

Note – I was on a high school dance team and will have dance dreams every so often.  Usually waking up when I realize I don’t know the routine.  This one was different in that it was try outs, in a new location and had male dancers.