By Susan Mallery

Fiction, romance, literature

Audiobook 6 hours (approx.)

Narrator Tanya Eby

Series Positively Pregnant

My sister (one of the only ones reading these reviews) asked for good pregnancy romances.  Nothing really came to mind.  Haven’t found much yet in searching either.  This was one of the only options for books with the search word – pregnant, romance & audiobook, from the library. 

Off Topic – If you know of any good books that can make a 3rd trimester pregnant lady feel pretty, then leave a comment.

Expectations – I’ve read a couple of Susan Mallery books before and remember thinking they were….. not sad but… something.  Enough of something to not read her stuff again. 

Well the not sad but something moments are still there.  Like the commercials that make you tear up.  I don’t dig these moments.  They are there and then gone. There is no good lead in or conclusion. 

The pregnancy moments are few; a mention of being emotional, one of larger sensitive boobs and some chatter from his sisters. 

The male lead is supposed to be perfect and a catch that every lady desires.  Any issues in the relationship are made out to be on the female leads side. This quite frankly angers me. 

The male lead is no catch.  Although, all of his family says he is and ALL of his ex-girlfriends (quite ridiculous).  There really is very little proof that he is actually a good catch.

I would have thought all the ex-girlfriends, with no long term relationships would be a BIG red flag. Instead its more like a flex, look everyone loves me.

I’m not saying that the female lead does not have things she needs to work through. Her issues are from a terrible loss in the past. It is good to push her to work through those issues. It is not good to blame her for not falling at his feet in adoration after knowing him for a very brief amount of time. I HOPE that any well adjusted lady would NOT fall at his feet. Past issues or not.

Pregnant women STAY AWAY!  You are already dealing with enough.  You do not need to be exposed to any of this. 

Project find pregnancy romance attempt # 1 – FAIL