Had a busy couple of days this week. That can cause an increase in dreaming for me.  Here are some interesting moments. 

1) Weak dream quality, I’m at work just doing work things when VERY DISTINCTLY I hear in a portion of my head (back left, behind ear to base of neck) “Bye Charissa!”  I turn around and see a hazy female figure half behind a door.  I don’t recognize the figure or voice as a coworker.  It confuses/startles me enough to start waking up.  The closest I can come up with, for the owner of the figure, is a younger version of my aunt.  She better still be alive and well or I will be very upset!  That dream was more than a night ago and I haven’t heard anything from the family phone tree.

2) At work again, doing work things and I keep smelling a musty smell.  I wake up enough to realize it’s my own stinky breath. 

3) This dream is like I’m on the outside, like I’m watching a video.  It starts with an image of the floor and pans into a set of 3 large mirrors on the wall.  It reveals a younger version of one of my cousins and a younger version of his kids.  I think I know that place.  I continue to watch and it’s a show on a different cousins renovated house.  I’m a little sad that she didn’t tell me she was having a show done on her house.  The show reveals an old well that is hidden beneath the front porch. I didn’t know about the well and start to concentrate on that detail.  Then I start to realize that this isn’t her house. This is one of the houses that shows up in my dreams. 

Note – I do have a cousin with a renovated house. It’s pretty enough to make TV.