By – Colleen Hoover

Fiction, romance

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Deacon Lee, Grace Grant

Expectations – I keep seeing this author being recommended for romance.  Her book blurbs usually say something about heart wrenching or heart breaking.  I don’t enjoy heartbreak so I usually stay away.  This book blurb seemed less heartbreaky. 

Nope, this isn’t for me.  I only finish this torture to write this review.  This book seems like something you would see in a young adult book.  I try to avoid those.

There are no details or personality from these characters beyond their careers.  All you get is a toxic relationship. 

There are two relationship stories with the male lead.  In both, the basis of the relationship is initial attraction.  This is okay for the high school relationship.  I can’t forgive it for the current relationship. 

He is plagued by some past trauma that we don’t get to know about until the last 1.5 hours in the book.  I guess we are supposed to be captivated by the suspense of finding out? 

Once we find out, I guess we are supposed to forgive any of his flaws/actions?  This doesn’t work for me.  I NEED GROWTH! 

I think we are supposed to like the male lead, but he is toxic.  He sends mixed messages and the female lead doesn’t even try to get out of the destructive push and pull.  It’s not sexy and I can’t enjoy the many steamy scenes.

There is no growth of these characters.  I’m not even sure why the female lead is vulnerable to be stuck in this sludge.  Must be the physical stuff because there isn’t much to work with here. 

This couple needs to break up and both get some counseling, separately. 

If for some reason you still want to listen to this, I suggest listening to the first half till you get frustrated. Then, skip to the last hour and a half.  You won’t miss anything in-between.