This was an average dream but it was longer with several location changes. 

Starts driving at night with an unknown familiar male with high interstate changes and a bridge.  Parks downtown (it is now day) and walks along river front.  Stop to watch a play.  There are cheap folding benches that adults have hard time fitting in.  I ran into an ex coworker and we were able to squeeze ourselves onto the bench with the male and spread out even though there should not have been enough room. 

The play was beauty and the beast and the cast was all children.  Two of the little girls lost part of their green skirts in a dance number.  One of the girls recover fairly quickly the other stood frozen.  I really wanted to go help the girl. Then she held up her lost dress fabric in front of her and froze/hides. I really really want to help her go put the dress back on but know its not my place.  Then work up. 

In real life, the radio was talking about people we dream about might be thinking of us, therefore I will mention a second shorter dream that also had an acquaintance in it last night.

Its night time, we are leaving an amusement park as a family.  We go to a dock to leave by small boat where an acquaintance from high school is there with her small boat.  Somehow I put a hole in one of her cushions.  I apologize and wake up. 

These two acquaintances that showed up in my dreams are not close to me but show up frequently on my Facebook feed.  I don’t think that they are thinking of me but then again my ear was itching last night.  Isn’t that supposed to mean someone is talking about you. 

Update 5/12/2022

We got gifts from work this week. The gift bag is made from the same material/color that the little girls lost dress fabric was made of.