By Charlaine Harris

fiction, mystery

Expectations – This is a reread for me.  I found the first book in the series in a book list about the Ozarks.  I remember liking the stories the first time but not enough to reread them previously.  I especially liked her unique paranormal skill.

After the first book in the series I figured out why I haven’t reread these even though the female lead has a fascinating skill.  She isn’t relatable.  Her skill makes her a bit of an oddball and her past is unique.  Throw in that the romance in the series is a little squeamish. 

In every book she has to reestablish her credibility with a new set of police/detectives which becomes repetitive and tedious.  By the last book in the series it has very little to do with her skills and more to do with her screwed up family history.  Since I never did bond to her in the first place or enjoy her soap opera family history it was a disappointment. 

I prefer mystics to have a home base with trusted allies and good mysteries over this series.  They travel, have very little allies and the mysteries are convoluted. 

However, when it came time to pick up the next in the series or start a new book I wasn’t familiar with I choose to finish this series.  Stick with what I know and all that.