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Expectations – This is a series I have read before.  I would not have read it again but a couple of characters from this series shows up in a newer series (Innkeeper Chronicles) and I wanted a refresher. The author duo is a favorite of mine but I prefer thier romances that span several books over these.

This series has some fantasy imagery that can gain better clarity with a second read.  Every book has a new couple for the romance. The alternate world is the same. 

There is some crossover with the characters in the book and the story line. You don’t have to read the books in order but it is easier to understand if you do.  I read them as they came available from the library but this is a reread for me.

I did learn more about the characters I was looking to learn more about. They are young in this series and their talents are not really shown in the new series. It’s not necessary to read both series to understand the characters.