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It Happened One Summer

By – Tessa Bailey

fiction, romance, literature, humor (fiction)

Audiobook 11 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Charlotte North

Series – Bellinger Sisters #1

Expectations – The female lead is a socialite and that doesn’t make for a likeable character.  The blurb sounded cute so I’ll give it a shot. 

There is 3 hours left in the story and I realize the main character is not going to have to work for her happily ever after.  I’m tempted to not finish the story. Let’s face it, a socialite that has minimal personal growth or trials and still gets the hot wealthy bachelor in town is not a girl we easily like. 

The main female lead in this story should have been the sister who is more likeable and needs less personal growth to be a likeable character.  This would have given the female lead in this story time to work on herself. 

At this point I do see if the sister has a story (she does) and put it on hold at the library.

I gave the story a break but ended up coming back to it.  The chemistry is hot, the man is sweet and does have personal growth. However, the female lead is not believable as a socialite and has minimal growth. 

If her back story was not so outrageous and it was anyway relatable this would be a solid romance.  However I can’t get over the discrepancy.

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