By Sally Thorne

fiction, romance, literature, humor (fiction)

Audiobook 11 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Katie Schorr

Expectations- The blurb says, “Now A Major Motion Picture,” while that doesn’t always mean it’s a good read it does mean someone thought it was good enough for a film.  The description sounds like your typical office romance.   

I got halfway through and decided to watch the movie instead.  At the halfway mark the two characters bonded and the feud didn’t seem to make any more sense.  I didn’t want to go through more drama but did want to see a happily ever after… so I watched the film.  Cute but basic and in the end forgettable.  It belongs in the Hallmark Christmas movie category.  That’s not a bad place to be. 

Update – 4/22/2022

After watching the film I realized there wasn’t going to be weird relationship games or high drama.  I was originally afraid the male lead would turn cold again and send mix signals.  None of that happened in the movie.  I went ahead and finished the audiobook and it was really sweet.  There was one long awaited for intimate relation which triggers the happily ever after. 

Off Topic – Is quality or quantity more important in the bedroom?