By Penny Reid

Fiction, romance, humor (fiction)

Series Hypothesis

Narrated by: Fiona Fisher and Jacob Morgan

Each book approx. 8 hours long

Books 1 and 2 are angsty in the best way. Books 2 and 3 are too long. Book three’s ending dragged with the author pulling in characters from her different series.

Rich, nerdy and musically talented characters are favorites of mine. This series has them all.

However, by the end of book three I was wishing I had a text version of the book so I could skim and get to the ending. Major issues in the story are not really satisfactorily concluded by the end of the series.

Book three did hit on some “me too” issues which was nicely done with the incident, “not a big deal,” but clearly had an impact on the female lead. Unfortunately, I suspect most women can relate.

I do recommend the books if you like Penny Reid.