By – Ali Parker

fiction, romance

Audiobook 13 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Lacy Laurel, Gregory Salinas

Series – In Too Deep #3

Expectations – Two narrators!  Increases the chance this will be a decent book.  Hoping for the typical office romance with the rich boss. 

The female lead has body issues early in the book.  There is no place for body issues to be casually thrown into a romance.  If a woman is worried about her body she is not enjoying herself in the bedroom. 

I realize that in real life we are all worried about our problem areas of our bodies. To truly enjoy ourselves in a romance those worries will need to be put aside.  To bring them to the attention of the reader makes them a bigger issue that cannot simply be ignored and not properly dealt with. 

I did go ahead a listen to the whole book.  There was a lot of blah blah blah that repeated inconsequential information.  I wish I read this book instead of listened to it so I could skim though those parts.  Also, the happy ending happened; then there was still 2 more hours of book left. 

So take out the body issues, the blah blah blah parts, shorten the ending and the book has potential but at this time it’s a do not recommend.