I’m in the first row at church (Catholic). People are all in line in the aisle waiting for communion.  I’m getting a dirty look from the first person in line and realize they are waiting on me to give out communion. 

I tell them I’m not qualified for that.  I get a dirty look but someone else goes to do the task.  The priest that is standing in the front of the aisle steps backwards up a couple of steps and plops down into a chair, his arms wide, legs spread eagle.  I look around to see if anyone is going to help.  No one does so I go up to him and feel for a pulse in his wrist. 

His head is moving and eye rolling.  I move my head next to his and tell him to “Look at me,”.  He turns his head towards me says something indistinct and “Damn You”.  Then He licks my neck and stays there it feels like an awful tickling pressure and I’m paralyzed.  My legs and arms are shaking.  It’s a long moment before I’m able to wake myself up.