By – Rachel Hawkins

fiction, literature, thriller, suspense

Audiobook 9 hours (Approx)

Narrator – Emily Shaffer, Kirby Heyborne, Lauren Fortgang

First impressions – Appears to be a psychological thriller.  These can be hit or miss for me.  Some drag on and on. Others are just too dark.  I was looking for more Erin Sterling books and found out that she is also Rachel Hawkins.  This book was already on my library shelf so it was time. 

This book did not disappoint, it is a psychological thriller that is well paced and not too dark.  It’s broken up into parts and each part has a new narrator.  This makes the book well organized and easy to understand.  This would make a good book club book. 


In other news, I bought the kids and I black socks.  I can’t keep the white ones white.  We will see how it goes.