By Jen DeLuca

fiction, romance, humor (fiction)

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

Narrator Brittany Pressley

First impression – Have listened to similar books, they were cute lighthearted and humorous. 

I was hopeful at the beginning of the book.  The female lead is 40 and you just don’t see a lot of that in romance books.  After the trip to see the male leads parent’s things get really slow. 

The female lead has issues her 18 year old daughter should be having not her.  She is very concerned with casual gossip and not fitting in.  That is not a feature I like in my leading females and definitely not a 40 year old lead. 

I got to the last hour and a half of the book, the point that the book should be picking up and getting good, and stopped.  I could not finish this drivel.  Perhaps a younger reader can relate, however being a 40 year old woman myself I’m offended that she is still emotionally on par with a teenager.