By- Nancy Warren

fiction, fantasy, mystery

Audiobook 6 hours (approx.)

Narrator Sarah Zimmerman

Series- Vampire Knitting Club

First impression – This is a series I have been listening to so I know what to expect.  It has witch, vampire, knitting shop and mystery elements.  Initially, I thought it was too much to put in one book.  However, it works as a series.  The author has a lot of directions to work with.  It’s more of a mystery series than anything else.  They are short and easy to listen too.  I don’t have a burning need to finish the series, but I know I will get a decent story and will listen to the next book in the series over a book I don’t know. 

Off Topic – At a certain point in the book it is mentioned that ghosts have a smell.  I recently went into an empty room with a coworker and she asks, “Do you smell a cigar?”  I said, “Yeah, it smells sweet.”  The room had been empty all night and it’s been having problems with its patient monitors acting up.  Ghost or no ghost? 

There is an ex-boyfriend named Sam mentioned in this book.  Not a major player though.