By Rachel Harrison

fiction, literature, horror

Narrator – Dylan Moore

Approx 10 hours

Quick Summary

Sad drunk passive girl meets questionable witch.  Has questionable happy ending.  One question, do spiders burp? This book wasn’t to my taste. 

First of all this is not a Kim Harrison book or part of a series.  Kim Harrison has a series with Rachel Morgan as the protagonist so you can see where the confusion came in. 

I did not do proper research before listening and got something I wasn’t expecting.  I figured it out several hours into the book when trying to decide if I wanted to stop listening, continue or skip to the end.  This book reminds me of Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.  Which I did end up skipping to the end and that ending was satisfactory.  I decided to continue on.

Annie and Sam break up after an 8 – 10 year relationship depending on who you are asking.  Annie’s feelings run true but the post break up friendship runs false.  Sam breaks off the relationship because he’s lost that loving feeling and Annie wears PJ’s too much.  He kicks her out of the city and she takes a job out of town. 

The premise of the break up and the feelings where too true for me.  I pick up a fiction book wanting to escape reality not listen to sad relatable break up feelings.  I think most of us that have been in a long term relationship can agree that there can be a lull in the relationship at times.  Also true you don’t expect your best friend/romantic partner to kick you out of the city just for that lull. Also, Also true most of us would not remain friends and be passive about the whole ordeal.  Annie apparently does.

Off Topic – I just finished a different series Soul of Fire by Keri Arthur whose ex is named Sam.  Add in Mercy Thompson’s by Patricia Briggs ex Sam and we have a theme.  Watch out ladies Sams are apparently heartbreakers. 

The book is well written and all the English teachers should be happy with all those little details.  Those little details are not really to my taste and slow things down.  There are ghosts, spiders, witch, hallmark small town, creepy land and mansion in the woods. 


Spiders can burp, well they do in this book when the spider is cast as a pet. 

I assumed there would be a bad guy or twist at the end.  There is no bad guys.  The twist is that the book was actually about self-growth and being happy with one’s self.  This did not run true for me.  Annie didn’t really do anything but cry and drink.  She did not develop any lasting friendships except with the witch.

Do not recommend.